National security Law / National Anthem Legislation

12 HK Youths: National security law: arrested Hong Kong activist among group caught by China’s coastguard while fleeing to Taiwan, sources confirm

Andy Li, who was arrested in a Hong Kong police swoop on August 10, was detained in mainland China on suspicion of unlawfully crossing the borderCoastguard says its Guangdong force intercepted ve

China Coast Guard arrest national security law suspect

Beijing labels 12 Hongkongers caught at sea as separatists, as Shenzhen police confirm group under criminal detention

Shenzhen police issue statement confirming the 12 were arrested on August 23 on suspicion of crossing the border illegallyForeign ministry spokeswoman says in a tweet that they are ‘elements attempting to separate Hong Kong from China’

Hong Kong police tipped off mainland coast guard about activists’ bid to reach Taiwan: source

Zou Jiacheng said that 12 people including Li Yuxuan are still being detained. It is determined before 10.1 whether the district councillors will be arrested and signed to request the Hong Kong government to return to Hong Kong

Protester among the 12 Hongkongers detained in Shenzhen has battled depression for years: Reports

Hong Kong residents arrested in the Mainland, lawyers say they cannot accept cases after receiving warning

U.S. ‘deeply concerned’ about Hong Kong activists held in China – Pompeo

Families of detained Hongkonger to press for legal rights and fair trial

Will We See Them Alive Again? Families of 12 Detained Hong Kong Youths Fear for Their Lives

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