China Update

US Universities And Retirees Are Funding The Technology Behind China’s Surveillance State

Millions of dollars from US university endowments, foundations, and retirement plans have helped fund two billion-dollar Chinese facial recognition startups: SenseTime and Megvii. The Chinese government is using their technologies to surveil and profile its own citizens.

Zhenhua data leak exposes China’s new ‘hybrid warfare’

A Chinese data company has harvested information on millions of people, allegedly on behalf of Beijing’s intelligence services. Analysts say democracies should pay more attention to the strategic use of open source data.

Food shortages in China might push Xi Jinping to take drastic actions against Taiwan and elsewhere

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Freezing bodies for ‘reanimation’ in China and why the country’s cryonics tech has the potential to leapfrog the West

The Shandong Yinfeng Life Science Research Institute has 10 bodies on ice already with dozens more who have committed to its serviceWith its lack of religious obstacles – which hinder acceptance of ‘coming back to life’ in the West – China could quickly catch up and lead in the cryonics area

How China has poured billions into the Caribbean by investing in ports, roads and a five-star resort in a soft power grab – as Beijing is blamed for Barbados’s calls to drop the Queen as Head of State

  • China has been accused of ‘playing a large part’ in calls in Barbados to drop the Queen as Head of State 
  • While Beijing has not responded, the allegation comes amid a heightening soft-power grab in the region 
  • China has pumped billions into the Caribbean, both in direct investments and soft loan deals that has seen it acquire ports, construct roads, refurbish cricket stadiums and invest in the regions biggest casino
  • Barbados itself has received at least $490million and has signed up to Beijing’s Belt and Road trade initiative

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