Commonwealth Countries

Australia, Chinese authorities threatened to detain ABC journalist’s 14-year-old daughter

Official told Matthew Carney she would be taken to undisclosed location over alleged visa breach

How Dan Andrews is allowing a Chinese company which was blacklisted by the US over security fears and is part of Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative to build Melbourne’s new trains

  • CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles won bid to build trains for Melbourne in 2016
  • Premier Daniel Andrews then made deal with China’s Belt and Road Initiative
  • CRRC has been identified as a potential cyber-security threat by the US

Australian Yang Hengjun formally charged with espionage in China after almost two years’ detainment

Australian state premier had secret relationship with China-linked politician

Australia’s Westpac to exit China, other Asia markets as focus swings to home

Letter to Canterbury University

Australia Looks to Tighten Government Oversight of University Agreements With China

The move is overdue, as public entities and state governments have proven unable to fully vet their agreements with China.

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