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China-EU FDI Radar

The China-EU FDI Radar is an on-going research initiative aimed at providing greater transparency on Chinese investments in Europe. It currently covers 650+ acquisitions from 2010 up to the present. The data is made available to the public in an interactive map, indicating the level of Chinese state-influence for every acquisition. This indication is provided based on analysis of the ultimate beneficial ownership (UBO) by Datenna.

Making Chinese acquisitions in Europe more transparent

To determine the level of state influence, we used our proprietary algorithm which takes into account the entire shareholder structure, shares being pledged, level of state-control of any investors and other relevant factors. Since we developed this algorithm in-house, the indication of the state influence is to be considered as our professional opinion and should not be used for any investment screening decisions without additional deliberation with us. We are constantly updating the radar with new acquisitions. If you are missing data or spot a mistake, please notify us.

Complicated but Necessary: A Transatlantic Policy Approach toward China

‘We need to up our game’ against China in Western Balkans, says EU official

The bloc earmarked a €9 billion (US$10.5 billion) fund for the region increasingly seen as a battleground in the EU’s systemic rivalry with Beijing‘Lately, China has come to dominate the narrative and perception on infrastructure investments,’ says EU official

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