National security Law / National Anthem Legislation

Hong Kong democrats Eddie Chu and Ray Chan to leave the legislature

Beijing puts fresh restrictions US diplomats in Hong Kong

Big tech firms may be handing Hong Kong user data to China

Allegation follows new law that lets Hong Kong ask for sensitive data if deemed to threaten national security

National security law and Hong Kong’s exiled dissidents: the world’s listening now – but for how long?

For the first time in Hong Kong’s history, a city once famed for sheltering dissidents from the Chinese mainland has exiles of its ownWho are they, what do they want, and what will they do when the world moves on?

Academics warn of ‘chilling effect’ of Hong Kong security law

Exclusive: global scholars on China call for agreement to resist interference in research

Security law: over 100 scholars call for ‘united front’ to defend academic freedom

Alistair Carmichael: Support for Hong Kong must go further than political fashion

Former Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying names teachers arrested for Hong Kong protests

  • The Professional Teachers’ Union slammed the move to list the public details of teachers on his Facebook page
  • Ip Kin-yuen, opposition lawmaker representing the education sector, said the move was ‘unnecessary and full of hostility’

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