Xinjiang / Tibet/Mongolia

CCP Sinicizes Mosques to Weaken Muslim Faith

Authorities in Shandong and Hebei provinces remove domes from mosques and vigorously promote the sinicization of Islam, demanding Muslims to obey the Party only.

The Xinjiang
Data Police

In western China, the government has deputized an army of mostly young men to surveil the digital and real lives of people in their own communities.

The War on Religion in China

Uighurs tell Australian inquiry of ‘intimidation and harassment’ from Chinese government

Chinese Communist party accused of ‘increasing its oppressions and control of Uighurs at an alarming rate’

Uyghurs for sale

Ethnic Han Leading Top Xinjiang University Signals End of ‘Autonomy’ in Region: Observers

Stepped-Up Surveillance By CCP China In Tibet And Gross Human Rights Abuses

Uyghur Former Volleyball Star on Crutches After Developing Kidney Condition in Xinjiang Camp

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