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Angela Merkel’s secret Communist past.

Not many people are aware the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, the “leader of the free world” as some far left journalists in main stream media like to refer to her, was a Communist agitator who’s job was to spread Communist propaganda and brainwash her fellow Germans in East Germany.

Angela Merkel warns China to do more to open up or risk more restrictions on EU market access

The two sides are trying to reach an investment deal by the end of the year, but the European side has been frustrated by slow progressGerman Chancellor tells Beijing that the EU expects ‘reciprocal’ access to China’s markets

With ‘great concern’: Germany watching Australia-China relationship

German econ minister tells firms to diversify beyond China in Asia

Trump, Biden and the ‘f****** Germans’

Close US engagement with Berlin will be questioned whoever wins the presidential election.

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