Beijing’s Partners in Destroying America

The Ford Foundation was, up until relatively recently, the largest private foundation in the United States. It remains one of the biggest. It has in excess of $12 billion in assets.

The Ford Foundation has also been known for many years to be heavily backing extreme left-wing causes. It is, for example, a major contributor to the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM), which is busily setting American cities ablaze and now sliding into the assassination of police officers.

“United Front work has taken on a level of significance not seen since the years before 1949,” Anne-Marie Brady, a political scientist at New Zealand’s University of Canterbury, said last year. “(China) is increasingly able to use its soft-power ‘magic weapons’ to help influence the decision-making of foreign governments and societies.”

Beijing’s Partners in Destroying America

US invests in British miner to fight Chinese control of rare metals

Washington has deployed a $60bn agency created by President Trump, to counter China’s rising influence in Africa and Latin America

Billboard company refuses to post ad critical of LeBron James’ stand on China

How to Stop the Export of AuthoritarianismChina is slowly killing the global human rights regime. Defending it requires Washington’s full engagement.

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Suspected goal was to “vilify Donald Trump” and distract from Clinton’s own controversies in 2016 election.

Under Trump Pressure, Pompeo Vows To Put Out Clinton Emails

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