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Here’s What Could Happen If China Invaded Taiwan

That scenario, while still remote, is being taken more seriously these days.

Gordon Chang: Why a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan Would Be a Massive Mistake

From the author: “China may find out, however, that by the time Beijing is ready for war, Taiwan will have cemented relationships with powerful friends, the ones Chinese leaders fear.”

White House moves forward on three arms sales to Taiwan – sources

US advances sale of MQ-9 drones, Harpoon missiles to Taiwan
White House adds 2 more weapons to arms deal with Taiwan as election looms

Hong Kong blocks Taiwan from reaching disputed Pratas Islands, saying airspace around disputed territory is closed ‘until further notice’

Taiwanese government releases full transcript of conversation between two aviation authoritiesHong Kong tells Taipei the flight path to the islands, governed by Taiwan but claimed by Beijing, now lie in danger zone

TSMC Won’t Sell Chips to Huawei in Fourth Quarter

Taiwan says diplomat sent to hospital after China spat in Fiji

Two Bills, Two Approaches To Taiwan

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