Hong Kong Update

University of Hong Kong

Anti-epidemic expert Keiji Fukuda refused to renew the contract with the University of Hong Kong, and was approved by the academic approval meeting: Zhang Xiang rejected


The Hong Kong National Security Law is an assault on academic freedom: Joint Statement


Now TV removes report on Communist Party background of academic tipped for top HKU role

University of Hong Kong appoints mainland professors as vice-presidents amid concerns over academic freedom

Vice-Chancellor-designate Shen Zuojun of the University of Hong Kong has naturalized U.S. Luo Guancong went to the U.S. Immigration Bureau to investigate whether the identity of the party committee was concealed


Outrage in Hong Kong after top university appoints two mainland Chinese scholars as vice-presidents

As Hong Kong Law Goes After ‘Black Sheep,’ Fear Clouds Universities

Campuses have long been hubs of protest in the city. Now, the authorities have promised to root out teachers who bring politics to the classroom.

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