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Vatican, Cardinal Zen: For the love of truth, I will not remain silent

Chinese City Offers $1,500 USD Reward for Snitching on Christians

Cardinal Parolin lied in his Milan speech and is not even afraid of his conscience

The Vatican has betrayed the faithful in China

The Catholic Church’s agreement with the Chinese government will cost the Church its convictions and endanger the lives of its Chinese members.

Australian Cardinal Pell returns to Rome after firing of rival Becciu

The cross and the dragon – how Pope Francis is lining up with Xi Jinping
Chinese President Xi Jinping’s five-year policy of “Sinification” requires that religious believers be more loyal to the Communist Party than to their religion.

Mons. Guo Xijin: Do le dimissioni perché incompetente e non al passo con l’epoca

di Vincenzo Guo Xijin

Il discorso tenuto dal vescovo di Mindong che annuncia le sue dimissioni da ogni carica pubblica, ritirandosi a una vita di preghiera. Ora la diocesi è affidata a mons. Zhan Silu, conosciuto come molto ambizioso.

Vatican concedes too much to Beijing, ex-Hong Kong bishop Cardinal Zen says

Vatican, China Renew Accord on Bishops Despite U.S. Pressure

  • Deal on bishop appointments extended for two years, China says
  •  U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo urged Vatican not to renew deal

What you need to know about the Catholic Church and sexual assault scandals


Vatican, Beijing Renew Deal on Bishop Appointments, as Catholics Remain Divided
Critics say rapprochement has cost the pope moral authority through his silence on human rights in China

Catholic Nuns Deemed ‘Dangerous’ and Forced out of Convent

11/03/2020ZHANG FENGA+ | A-

The CCP ramps up intimidation and persecution of Catholics who refuse to join the Patriotic Church.

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