China Update

Xi joins Marx and Mao as required course at China’s top colleges

Move follows increase in criticism from intellectual circles

Explainer | Why did China’s forex reserves fall by US$22 billion in September?

A drop in China’s foreign exchange reserves could mean that there were money outflows from the country, or it could reflect a strengthening US dollarAs China looks to reduce its reliance on US dollar assets, Japanese government bonds are being increasingly favoured

China Uses the U.N. to Expand Its Surveillance Reach
In the name of ‘sustainable development,’ Beijing takes the lead in data collection efforts

Xi Jinping to tighten grip on power with new rules for top policymaking bodies

Draft gives details of Xi’s scope as general secretary of the ruling Communist Party and how the top organs should operateObserver says it’s part of a long-term project to make regulations on almost every issue, with personal power ‘always embedded’

Ninety percent of the relatives of the Central Committee members have immigrated! U.S. refusal to issue green cards shakes Zhongnanhai

China, Russia, other human rights abusers elected to U.N. Human Rights Council

Pursuing Shenzhen ambitions, China will double down on intellectual property theft

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