National security Law / National Anthem Legislation

China ‘turning Hong Kong into a Tibet or a Xinjiang’

In view of Beijing’s growing control over Hong Kong, Davis said the grim reality may be that many Hongkongers will emigrate. “I think Hong Kong people mostly have very little hope at this point. And so then the question becomes: What next? My guess is that we’ll see lots of immigration.” This would be an incalculable loss to Beijing. “Hong Kong has been an extraordinarily valuable asset to China. It’s basically China’s New York or London so we just don’t know the cost of this diminution of Hong Kong that occurs if these hardline policies are not pulled back.”

From Belarus to Thailand, Hong Kong’s spirit of resistance is nurturing grassroots protests elsewhere

The cross-movement influence is a two-way street

Hong Kong police to launch national security hotline for public to help specialist officers enforce Beijing-imposed law

Police national security unit set to open multi-platform channel as early as November to gather intelligence from the public, sources sayInformants’ identities protected, information shared only among national security police, according to sources

Just the Facts: Liberal party’s connections to China’s communist regime

The Next 4 Steps in Hong Kong’s March Toward Totalitarianism

The worst is yet to come for the city. Here are four warning signs to watch for.

Court clears seven young Hongkongers of rioting

Interview: Union chief says Hong Kong gov’t is ‘anti-education’ and attempting to silence teachers

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