Europe / Western countries

EU/US: Joint press release by the EEAS and Department of State on the phone call between J.Borrell and M.Pompeo

Exclusive: EU taps Chinese technology linked to Muslim internment camps in Xinjiang

In the fight against coronavirus, the EU is using thermal cameras produced by Chinese tech giant Hikvision. The firm has been linked to the oppression of Uighurs and other Muslim minorities in China’s Xinjiang province.

EU Parliamentarians must insist that the inclusion of a human rights clause is a redline when it comes to ratifying an EU-China Investment Partnership Agreement

A new European Union-India initiative to offer opportunities for Indian top talent to join research teams in Europe

Germany stands up to China; self-censorship in the soccer world

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Romania rejects partnering with China’s Huawei on 5G, prime minister says

The long and complex road towards an EU Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime

US pushes Greece to stop acting as China’s ‘dragon’s head’ into Europe

Athens under pressure in scramble for influence between Washington and Beijing with high-level visits from both powersUS seeks to counter Chinese influence through Belt and Road Initiative with its own funding alternative

68% of farmworkers, associates near mink farms infected by Covid-19: Study

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