US Ramps Up Unprecedented Effort to Counter China

Pompeo says U.S. designates six more Chinese media firms as foreign missions

NSA announces Chinese hackers are targeting US defense industry in warning to the American public

Investigation Prompts Schools to Report $6.5 Billion in Undisclosed Foreign Gifts and Contracts

Rep. Andy Biggs introduces resolution branding China ‘greatest foreign threat’ to US
It also warns of continued cyberattacks by Chinese groups

Exclusive: 600 U.S. Groups Linked to Chinese Communist Party Influence Effort with Ambition Beyond Election

White House: China’s ‘digital dossiers’ to blackmail and intimidate

Rubio unveils bill to kick blacklisted Chinese firms out of U.S. markets


FBI arrests five in alleged ‘Operation Fox Hunt’ plot to stalk and pressure citizens to return to China

China is ‘not allowing US companies to ship millions of surgical masks and coronavirus test kits’ back to the States

  • Beijing placed restrictions on exports of critically needed medical supplies 
  • US companies like 3M and PerkinElmer have products stranded in warehouses 
  • PerkinElmer wants to import 1.4 million COVID-19 test kits to the US 
  • 3M is trying to get badly needed N-95 respirator masks out of Shanghai
  • China wants products because they’re better quality than domestic made items

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