Huawei 5G

Ant’s Record IPO Suspended in Shanghai and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges

Meeting with Jack Ma and top executives, changing regulatory environment disqualified the listing, Shanghai exchange says

ANT Group Co. LTD….. Yet another Chinese Communist Financial-Deathmobile-FOREX-Grab

Huawei’s global VP of communications dies in Shenzhen, cause unknown

Investigating Chinese Intelligence Firm Zhenhua Data

Our investigation of Zhenhua Data with a detailed look at their operation and how the Chinese Intelligence Firm leverages public and private data sources to create actionable intelligence about a wide range of targets.

China wants to make its own chips. 2 failures in 1 week show how hard that will be

Massive, China-state-funded hack hits companies around the world, report says
Attacks are linked to Cicada, a group believed to be funded by the Chinese state.

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