My name is G. I am a proud HongKonger.

Why I am doing this web-site : Way to Freedom HK

Since June 2019, lives for many/most Hong Kong people are not the same anymore. After a few months of following desperately all the news day by day, I was totally lost in the spiral of information.

So I have decided to make my own platform where I could bring in not only what is happening in HK, but how the international situations have changed since the start of the movement.

As you can see from the varies categories in this site:

  • Home: There are many articles where the situation in HK are well explained, so I simply replicated those articles.
  • Hong Kong Update: Here you can find several sub-categories, most important are the Special dates such as 7.21 8.31 and of course 2 Uni 2 Battles.
  • National Security Law
  • Independent Investigations: This is what all HK people are looking forward. There are a number of other sites where they have more complete information and research, they are listed on page Why This Site.
  • International Relationship: Through the HK movements, I believe that some how we have changed how the other countries perceive China, especially USA! I will explain better later on.
  • China Update: HK future is directly connected with China, that is something we can not denial or we are doomed to fail. I am paying special attention on Huawei 5G and Xinjiang
  • Wuhan Coronavirus: I am not so much interested in the number of cases, but the origin, and how this will change the China position internationally.


Special thanks to Hong Kong Young Generation:

You have given us hope for the future of Hong Kong.

This is a long road, and you are not alone.

Be water, be water my friends.

Contact: waytofreedomhk@yahoo.com