Arrests and trials of Hong Kong protesters As of March 22, at least 7,810 protesters have been arrested and 1,079 are on trial.

This is a follow-up to an article that tracked protests and protest-related arrests in the Hong Kong freedom struggle up through November 20, 2019. That article has been split in two, with this one following arrests and trials and another following protests. The information here will be updated regularly.

Numbers of arrests are based on Hong Kong police figures. Numbers of trials are based on figures from Arrested Persons Concern Group (被捕人士關注組; Telegram: @youarenotalonehk), with two exceptions noted in the table.

Below the table are two additional tables: a list of protesters convicted and sentenced, and a list of political and protest leaders arrested and charged since the start of the protests. Courts have been closed since early February due to the coronavirus, except for urgent cases; as a result, almost no trials have concluded in the period.

In addition to the 544 on trial for ‘riot’ listed below, 150 are charged with possession of offensive weapons, 97 for assault or attempted assault, 37 for arson, 23 with explosives-related offenses, and 6 with firearms-related offenses. 92 protesters are remanded in custody pending the outcome of their trial. These account for 857 of the 1,075 trials. Many of the others are for ‘unlawful assembly’. 63 legal proceedings have concluded, bringing the number of protesters facing legal proceedings to 1,138. That leaves a discrepancy of 53 between this number, documented by Arrested Persons Concern Group, and the 1,191 that police say have faced legal proceedings as of February 20. The police number is not disaggregated and may include those who have attacked protesters.