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Akata Vesta

How Germany opened the door to China — and threw away the key

Economic ties have caused Berlin to tread lightly on human rights. Germany’s New Policy Paper for the Indo-Pacific: Some Change in Tone, Little in Substance German company Siemens CEO Caesar […]

Taiwan Urges International Alliance To Safeguard Regional Stability Taiwan praises Vystrčil for standing up to China’s ‘bullying’ 策進會預算大增 陸委會:照顧輔導在台港人 Taiwan reports shipping but no ‘siege’ near disputed Dongsha IslandsCoast Guard found ships but denied it was surrounded […]

Spokesperson of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council: The statement that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region implements the “separation of powers”must be corrected Swiss Photographer On Trial In Hong Kong Over Protest Clash Pupil suspended by school for displaying ‘free Hong Kong’ slogan during online classes, as officials warn actions could violate national […]