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McSally Backs Bipartisan Legislation to Stop Theft of U.S. Research & Intellectual Property by Global Competitors Two college friends-turned-prolific hackers allegedly tried to steal COVID vaccine data for China US report accuses China of ‘digital authoritarianism’ Washington blacklists key Apple supplier amid US-China decoupling O-Film […]

Beijing’s baby butchers: Forcibly sterilised, ordered to have abortions and their husbands taken away to gulags… China’s Uighur women reveal how the Communist regime turned hospitals in centres of mass murder End Uyghur Forced Labour in China Now The Chinese government subjects Uyghurs to systematic forced labour.Fashion brands are complicit. The Coalition to End Forced Labour in the Uyghur Region Beijing’s baby […]

Hong Kong teachers fired under Beijing ‘patriotism’ push

Those who backed protests are being singled out as Beijing tightens its grip on the city 【致香港人】 中國詩人楊煉 你們是星,我們是夜; 你們點燃,我們熄滅; 你們是漢,我們是奸; 你們淚熱,我們心死; 你們赴死,我們偷生; 你們走上街頭,我們縮進沙發; 你們為明天而流血,我們為今天而苟活; 你們珍視愛的寳貴,我們死守命的價錢; 你們三十年前還未出生,我們三十年後已經腐爛。 Hong Kong gov’t grills […]