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China Chases Self-Reliance in Chips, but the U.S. Still Holds a Trump Card

The Chinese tech giant just marked another milestone in its quest for self-sufficiency US Moves to Pull Chinese Equipment From Its Power Grid China tries to calm ‘nationalist fever’ as […]

Uncovering A Pro-Chinese Government Information Operation On Twitter and Facebook: Analysis Of The #MilesGuo Bot Network

YouTube Takes Action Against Chinese Blogger’s Post On Coronavirus Origins 80 million Chinese may already be out of work. 9 million more will soon be competing for jobs, too

Unrestricted Warfare

Unrestricted Warfare (Chinese:超限战 or 超限戰, literally “warfare beyond bounds”) is a book on military strategy written in 1999 by two colonels in the People’s Liberation Army, Qiao Liang (乔良) and Wang Xiangsui […]

Exclusive: Warning Over Chinese Mobile Giant Xiaomi Recording Millions Of People’s ‘Private’ Web And Phone Use FT reporter accused of listening to Zoom calls of rival outlet resigns Independent complained Mark Di Stefano had eavesdropped on sensitive meetings [Update: Toggle To Opt-Out] Xiaomi Devices Found Tracking And […]

China’s global growth in jeopardy as Beijing blasts allies amid coronavirus crisis Joseph D’Souza: Coronavirus shows how China’s disregard for human rights threatens the world Beijing’s bullying has ruined its relationship with Sweden The World Is Awaking to the Ugly Realities […]

Three Beijing activists missing after preserving virus articles online

Human Rights Group: Beijing Must Release Activists and Citizen Journalists Punished for Sharing Virus Information Why China’s propaganda efforts so often backfire How China is ruthlessly exploiting the coronavirus pandemic […]