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Call on the World community to STOP the genocide of Uyghurs by Chinese Communist Party Study: Nike, Apple, BMW Among 83 Brands Using Chinese Muslim Slave Labor

Judge Says: As Early as 1980s, Organs Were Harvested in China Op-Ed: In Tibet, it’s a crime to even talk about the value of mother-tongue education Han migrants incentivized to move to Xinjiang as Uyghurs sent away These Uighur Journalists Are Investigating […]

They were already in China’s prisons. Now the coronavirus is there, too Uyghur Mother, Daughter Handed Lengthy Sentences in Xinjiang Prison for Overseas Ties Gadgets for Tech Giants Made With Coerced Uighur Labor Hundreds of Uighurs on a Beijing-organized labor export program […]

Nowhere feels safe – Uyghurs tell of China-led intimidation campaign abroad China is ‘running a campaign of intimidation’ against Uighur diaspora, says Amnesty International Imprisoned Academic Tohti’s Daughter on Treatment of Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang China is Trafficking Uyghurs out […]

75 years ago the East Turkistan Republic reaffirmed its commitment to end Chinese rule in all of East Turkistan

China has its own brand of fake news when it comes to human rights and the Uyghurs Uighurs in exile fear spread of coronavirus in China’s internment camps Boston Uighur woman […]