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The Dark Shadow of Chinese Globalization Falls Over Italy

Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000253 EndHTML:000399297 StartFragment:000346366 EndFragment:000399259 StartSelection:000346715 EndSelection:000399208 SourceURL: The Dark Shadow of Chinese Globalization | National Review ReviewLarge National Review LogoSmall National Review Logo The Dark Shadow of Chinese Globalization Falls Over […]

Canada Ottawa faces criticism for sending 16 tonnes of personal protective equipment to China in February Coronavirus: Toronto recalls $200K worth of ‘poor quality’ masks distributed to long-term care homes Defective masks were sent to Toronto long-term care home where residents died of COVID-19 Canada and […]

Coronavirus in Italy: Lockdown proving effective as new cases fall for fourth day

People in Italy who test positive for Covid-19 and break quarantine could face up to five years in prison Coronavirus: Positive effects of Italy’s COVID-19 lockdown ‘yet to be seen’ […]

China’s ‘mask diplomacy’ in pandemic-hit Europe stirs unease Beijing’s coronavirus messaging casts doubt on motivations behind its aid Opinion Coronavirus outbreak The shock of coronavirus could split Europe – unless nations share the burden After infecting Europe with Coronavirus, China sold Europe defective testing kits EUROPE After infecting Europe […]