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Hong Kong Police Watchdog Finds ‘Shortcomings,’ Report Says

Hong Kong security chief defends police tactics amid reports of electroshock weapons being introduced The Hong Kong police are using legal acrobatics to search phones 黃店「3C維修工作室」東主再被捕 向路人大叫:我唔知之後會發生咩事黃店-3c維修工作室-東主再被捕-向路人大叫-我唔知之後會發生咩事/ New chief, new tactics: […]

The medics defying authorities to secretly treat Hong Kong protesters ‘Principals who back problem teachers can be sacked’ Traditional Chinese medicine doctors are secretly helping Hong Kong protesters Nearly 2 million adults are estimated to have shown symptoms of […]

Tear gas, water cannon mar Christmas Eve celebrations in Hong Kong In photos: Hong Kong police use tear gas at Christmas protests Hong Kong Police Arrest and Tear Gas Protesters on Christmas Eve Hong Kong protests: Christmas Eve rallies lead to […]

Hong Kong’s police were once revered. Now they’re just a blunt tool, ex-cop says In The Spotlight: Chris Tang, Stepping into HK chaos Protesters, Police Clash as Hong Kong Tensions Rise (超突發!)有警察投稿:原來鄧狗搵左專業公關 ,連登出PO搞分化 Hong Kong police ‘hack into more than 3,700 mobile […]