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Australia, Chinese flag colours to light up Melbourne as Andrews orders China trip Western Sydney University pays $1500 to Chinese students to help beat travel ban REVEALED: How an Australian university is getting around the coronavirus travel ban by PAYING Chinese students to […]

Australian town RUNS OUT of water after Chinese company was given the green light to take H2O from drought-stricken area – and thieves stole 70,000 litres from a farmer ‘How is this allowed to happen?’ Chinese company is given the green light to run a water mining operation in drought-ravaged Queensland – while desperate residents are forced to take 90-second […]

Canada, Lost vote over special committee on china an embarrassment for Liberals

Charest advising Huawei in Meng Wanzhou case and on 5G networks 环球华报 | 中国驻温哥华总领馆举办2020年春节招待会 Rogers officially activates Canada’s first 5G network Canada Looks set to hold off on Huawei 5G […]

Australia, latest on Huawei. Why we need to listen to our allies and say no way, Huawei.

Sydney deputy mayor went to Communist Party training camp Queensland government was warned about risks of Chinese company’s water extraction

Canadian, Senators to table motion calling for sanctioning Chinese officials for actions in Hong Kong and Xinjiang

Canada is being bullied by China. Here’s how it can shut it down. China is interfering with Canadian democracy. That requires a public response Anonymous pro-China letter and a fight at […]