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Thanks to Trump, China’s Huawei Is Dying Huawei staff share deep links with Chinese military, new study claims The Latest U.S. Blow To China’s Huawei Could Knock Out Its Global 5G Plans Taiwan to introduce cheapest […]

US to Block Huawei from Global Chipmakers, Closing a ‘Loophole’ Company Had Been Exploiting Cyber security review may spell end for Huawei 5G deal Government set for climbdown after US bans on Chinese telecoms group and growing resistance from backbenchers US-China trade enters new […]

China Chases Self-Reliance in Chips, but the U.S. Still Holds a Trump Card

The Chinese tech giant just marked another milestone in its quest for self-sufficiency US Moves to Pull Chinese Equipment From Its Power Grid China tries to calm ‘nationalist fever’ as […]

Exclusive: Warning Over Chinese Mobile Giant Xiaomi Recording Millions Of People’s ‘Private’ Web And Phone Use FT reporter accused of listening to Zoom calls of rival outlet resigns Independent complained Mark Di Stefano had eavesdropped on sensitive meetings [Update: Toggle To Opt-Out] Xiaomi Devices Found Tracking And […]

Huawei Hit By China Backlash: 2020 Just Got Much Worse—Here’s Why Huawei phones blocked from Google’s contact tracing system The second largest smartphone maker will not get access to Google and Apple’s joint Covid-19 tracing technology Huawei, 5G and Human Rights […]