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50 cities in 25 countries witness protests on Chinese National Day

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Police to stop recognising local press passes 梁錦祥:全港新聞工作者聲討特區公安搞「記者發牌制」 8 key protest moments captured by freelance and student journalists 聞風筆動:中聯辦召建制籲團結 何君堯發「會議總結」稱整頓司法/文:李先知 Hong Kong to revise definition of media representatives under new police orders RTHK reopens probe into reporter Nabela […]

Spokesperson of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council: The statement that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region implements the “separation of powers”must be corrected Swiss Photographer On Trial In Hong Kong Over Protest Clash Pupil suspended by school for displaying ‘free Hong Kong’ slogan during online classes, as officials warn actions could violate national […]