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China banks demand employees sign pro-security law petition

Same form also being circulated in pro-Beijing street booths Trump to announce Hong Kong response this week In Hong Kong and beyond, China moves to consolidate position of strength as […]

Taiwan considers revoking Hong Kong’s special status on law fears Taiwan promises ‘support’ for Hong Kong’s people as China tightens grip President Tsai Ing-wen pledges ‘necessary assistance’ after a resurgence in protests against newly proposed security legislation from Beijing Last […]

《國安法草案 Draft of National Security Law from NPC to HK》請廣傳-英譯-國安法草案/?fbclid=IwAR1jdwlU7cBbLQKlNuW7Sqs7d3MrEhJjAoakMCfvAzGEl6p1C56fIBseJQk Exclusive: ‘Strategic positivity’ needed to confront Beijing on world stage, says rights law expert Sharon Hom O’Brien: U.S. likely to impose sanctions if China moves ahead with Hong Kong law […]