China Masks and Test Kits Diplomacy

COVID-19 and Propaganda: China’s Corrupt Corona Trade

China is “donating,” but more often selling, millions of masks and medical supplies to the world. Many of them do not work.

Coronavirus: inside China’s ‘Wild West’, where ‘mask machines are like cash printers’

  • The coronavirus has led to an unprecedented seller’s market for masks and medical supplies in China, redrawing the rules of engagement
  • An influx of new companies to the market has led to a dilution of quality and a host of bad actors, forcing China to change the rules

Can the unmasking of China’s Covid-19 ‘mask diplomacy’ stem Beijing’s global power grab?

‘We will give you masks if you accept Huawei 5G,’ China is forcing Coronavirus-hit countries to kneel before Huawei

‘We will give you masks if you accept Huawei 5G,’ China is forcing Coronavirus-hit countries to kneel before Huawei


-White House adviser Navarro lashes out at China over ‘fake’ test kits

-US university stops using Chinese testing kits after some found to be contaminated

  • University of Washington School of Medicine had airlifted tens of thousands of kits from Shanghai factory
  • Liquid in small percentage of vials changed colour, an indication of bacterial growth. Some appeared cloudy, too

Masks in Newsom’s BYD Deal Denied Safety Certification

Gavin Newsom’s $1 billion China mask deal hits snag

FDA Bans 65 Chinese Mask Makers for Failing to Meet Filtration Standards

Coronavirus: millions of counterfeit masks reaching frontline health workers in US

  • Investigation shows shipments of Shanghai Dasheng N95 respirators come with ear loops instead of head bands that give tighter fit
  • Concern mounting over lives at risk from fake protective gear – including gloves, gowns and other supplies – being used in hospitals across the country


Europe halts delivery of 10 million ‘poor quality’ Chinese masks

European Commission says legal action would be taken if needed after Poland and the Netherlands complain about quality.

Huawei buys paid pseudo op-ed space with @POLITICOEurope to claim that with mask deliveries “we have never sought to gain any publicity or favor in any country by what we are doing. We made a conscious decision not to publicize things”.

We are all Europeans today

After infecting Europe with Coronavirus, China sold Europe defective testing kits


“Eleven million masks, all junk,” German Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer said on April 24, Germany’s Der Spiegel reported.

The director of a German textile company purchased medical masks from China, who said his employees checked the products and found that they were of bad quality.

The filter function of some masks did not work properly, while others had broken elastic cords.


Belgium had to reject three million masks that were imported from China “because they did not meet the required quality standards.”

“At first glance, there were problems with them. We had them tested. The Federal Public Economy Service confirmed that the [Chinese] supplier had not been able to provide conclusive test certificates, and that the masks were of unacceptable quality after an additional test in a Belgian lab,” the report quoted Belgium digital agenda minister Philippe De Backer as saying.


-by a 17-day train trip, a stunt to promote a Belt and Road infrastructure project.

-says it bought useless virus test kits from China

Spain purchased 9,000 ineffective rapid test kits, a Spanish official confirmed on Thursday.

Earlier Thursday, Spanish daily El Pais reported that the tests Spain had purchased from the Chinese company Shenzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology were only able to detect the virus in 30% of the cases.

-China cashes in off coronavirus, selling Spain $467 million in supplies, some of them substandard

-Spanish capital ditches ‘unreliable’ Chinese coronavirus test kits

  • Madrid stops using the kits and health ministry asks for them to be replaced after tests suggest they only have a 30 per cent accuracy level
  • Spanish government is reported to have ordered 340,000 of the kits, which the Shenzhen-based manufacturer said had an 80 per cent strike rate


say donations of coronavirus masks won’t influence decisions on Huawei and 5G


discovers masks bought from China not hospital-safe


-Government seeks refund for millions of coronavirus antibody tests

Ministers will attempt to recoup taxpayers’ money after Oxford University trial found the tests returned inaccurate results

-Coronavirus: Government’s testing chief admits none of 3.5m antibody kits work sufficiently

Tests are ‘not good enough to be worth rolling out in very large scale’, says Professor John Newton

-British doctors warn some Chinese ventilators could kill if used in hospitals

Exclusive: “We believe that if used, significant patient harm, including death, is likely,” British doctors said in a letter.


-gave China PPE to help with coronavirus — then China made them buy it back

-China’s Coronavirus Diplomacy

Rome praises Beijing’s ‘solidarity’ in sending ventilators, face masks, doctors and nurses.


-recalls defective masks imported from China

-Huawei apparently donating 800,000 masks

to the Netherlands. The nation’s 5G auction is scheduled for June, and the Dutch are yet to decide on whether to exclude the vendor from its 5G networks over espionage concernsHuawei doneert 800.000 mondkapjes.…

Hundreds of thousands of rapid test kits imported from Netherlands made in China: Report


-80% of coronavirus test kits ‘gifted’ to Czechs by China faulty

China charged Czech government millions of crowns for defective coronavirus test kits

-Czech, Import of five million face masks from China falls through after Czech firm is scammed

Import of five million face masks from China falls through after Czech firm is scammed

Confiscated face masks imported by an influential Chinese representative in Czechia


#Huawei has promised 20,000 masks. The first 12,000 arrived in Warsaw on Friday. Poland has leaned stricter on Huawei for 5G than most of Europe.…


Coronavirus: Huawei to send medical equipment to Ireland


-says 1 million K95 masks from China unfit for Covid-19 fight

  • Public health authority says respirators failed to meet federal standards for use by front-line health professionals
  • The KN95 is a Chinese model similar to the N95, a crucial type of personal protective equipment used to defend nurses, doctors and other health workers

-1 million respirators acquired from China unfit for coronavirus fight

Canada’s public health authority says around one million KN95 respirators acquired from China have failed to meet federal Covid-19 standards for use by frontline health professionals.

-Canadian PM Says All Face Masks Sent By China Will Be Strictly Evaluated

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau said that the government would leave “no corners cut” to inspect the standards of the equipment and masks coming from abroad.

United Front groups in Canada helped Beijing stockpile coronavirus safety supplies

United Front groups in Canada helped Beijing stockpile coronavirus safety supplies

China Sold Canada Another 8 MILLION Unusable Masks


Australia buys 1.5million coronavirus antibody tests – only to find out they’re USELESS because they’re so inaccurate

  • Antibody tests were supposed to tell if a person is immune to deadly COVID-19
  • Australia has spent millions on its own haul of the antibody testing kits 
  • But new research found tests weren’t accurate enough to be used in Australia 
  • The UK government also wasted $30m on a set of kits that didn’t work accurately
  • Health Minister Greg Hunt insisted Australia’s tests were ‘of the highest quality’

Chinese-backed company’s mission to source Australian medical supplies


rejects Chinese testing kits over inaccurate results Rapid testing kits were only 30 to 35 percent accurate, says official, as Ankara orders separate batch from another Chinese company


Over 50,000 PPE kits sent by China to India unsafe, unusable: Report


‘all-weather friend’ China sends masks made of ‘underwear’ amid COVID-19 outbreak

China had asked Pak to open the border between the two countries for one day on Friday so that medical supplies to fight coronavirus pandemic could be sent.

The Philippines

DOH: Some donated COVID-19 test kits from China only 40% accurate

DOH: Some donated COVID-19 test kits from China only 40% accurate 

South Korea

Huawei donates 200,000 masks to Korea to help combat COVID-19


Health Ministry bans the use of Chinese coronavirus test kits


Chinese middlemen are stockpiling facemasks from Kenya and Tanzania for export to China

President queries Tanzania coronavirus kits after goat test