South China Sea Disputes

03/10 – Canadian warship sails near Taiwan amid heightened China tensions

Taiwan’s defence ministry said the Canadian warship sailed into Taiwan Strait from the South China Sea.

19/09 – In a US-China war, whose side is Southeast Asia on? Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia ponder the unthinkable

In a US-China war, whose side is Southeast Asia on? Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia ponder the unthinkable

Amid China’s military drills near Taiwan and fears that the South China Sea is becoming a proxy for Washington and Beijing’s deepening rivalry, Asian analysts are considering the worst-case scenarioCaught between superpowers clashing in their own backyard, Southeast Asian nations might find staying neutral is not an option

18/09 – Why China may want a military base in Indonesia — and why Indonesia is right to reject the idea

25/07 – Australian Government declares Beijing’s South China Sea claims illegal in letter to United Nations

23/07 – The Navy is Arming its Destroyers with Lasers to Fight China and Rusia

This is a test to see if other warships could fire lasers at incoming drones or missiles.

17/07 – After US rejects China sea claims, PH defense chief tells Beijing: Comply with arbitral ruling, heed Unclos

US to support Vietnamese fishermen against intimidation at sea

14/07 – South China Sea dispute: China’s pursuit of resources ‘unlawful’, says US

U.S. could sanction Chinese officials for illegal claims in South China Sea, diplomat says

Philippines, Malaysia and Japan take on China over illegal territorial claims, especially the South China Sea

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09/07 – Australia, Japan, US take tough joint stance on South China Sea

06/06 – Beijing’s plot to claim South China Sea revealed

TENSIONS in the South China Sea region have ignited over the last few weeks as China continues to beef up its military capability.

US warship sails through Taiwan Strait on Tiananmen anniversary

The US and China have stepped up manoeuvres around self-ruled Taiwan as bilateral ties have deteriorated.


30/05 – Chinese troops blacktopping track in disputed ‘finger’ area in Ladakh amid border tensions

The fresh Chinese construction activity is happening around Finger 4 in Pangong lake area. China also blocked the route of Indian patrol teams in the disputed region.

28/05 – In rare move, Indonesia raises Hague ruling vs China

The move provides an ‘important building block’ for Manila, which won the historic award against Beijing, says Asia maritime expert Greg Poling

U.S. Warns That China’s Expulsion of Navy Near Disputed Islands Is a ‘Serious Threat’ to Sea Travel

US warship again challenges China’s South China Sea claims

27/05 – Philippines bolsters posture in South China Sea after navy ship docks at new Spratly Islands port

  • A Philippine navy ship, the BRP Ivatan, recently docked at a newly-built port on Pag-asa or Thitu Island, its largest occupied feature in the South China Sea
  • This, and the arrival of a new multirole frigate from South Korea, demonstrate Manila’s resolve to defend its interests, even as ties with Beijing improve

China’s Largest Base Has Replicas Of Taiwan’s Presidential Building, Eiffel Tower

Through satellite images, we explore China’s premier large-scale training site that has some ominous and bizarre features.

Exclusive: Latest images show China’s war threat may not be rhetoric

Fresh images from the European Space Agency show signs of movement in the Aksai Chin region as late as the third week of this month.

Xi Jinping orders Chinese military to ‘scale-up’ battle preparedness, prepare for worst-scare scenarios as tensions build along India-China LAC

26/05 – China plans to deploy two aircraft carriers off Taiwan for war games to stoke tensions with Washington as Beijing warns of a ‘new Cold War’ amid virus blame game

  • China is reportedly sending its two new aircraft carriers into war games near the Pratas Islands, playing into fears that a Taiwan invasion could be next
  • The Liaoning and Shandong are currently in Bohai Bay in the Yellow Sea on a combat readiness mission before the war ships head to the Pratas Islands
  • The plan comes after Chinese Premier Li Keqiang expressed Beijing’s desire to ‘reunify’ with Taiwan and as the US sanctioned 33 Chinese companies
  • US-China relations have been worsening as both countries argue over the origins of coronavirus

US warplanes fly close to Taiwan, Hong Kong

B-1B bombers, refueling aircraft based in Guam

China moving military ships near Taiwanese coast may spark US confrontation

How India can end Chinese transgressions: Take conflict to a place Beijing is worried about

India can’t deter China from using Himalayan skirmishes unless it goes on the offensive elsewhere. New Delhi’s message must be: ‘Do not poke us here and we won’t poke you there’.

25/05 – U.S. is now more clear in support for India on China border issues, says researcher

China’s bold military move against US in the South China Sea

United States sends 1,200 Marines to Darwin in a show of military might as tensions escalate between China and Australia over who is to blame for the spread of COVID-19

  • An annual rotation of US Marines based in Darwin was cancelled in late March
  • The federal government said the Marines would not be coming due to COVID-19
  • That decision was reversed and 1,200 crack troops will arrive in coming weeks
  • All the Marines will have to undergo 14 days of quarantine in Japan and Darwin

24/05 – Tension mounts in Ladakh as China brings in more troops

India looks ready for long stand-off with China, may not stop border infra work

Indian security sources say India should be prepared for more turbulence with China on the border. This is because, as a “second mover” India is playing catch-up to China’s own impressive border development works. In the past four years, India has stepped on the gas on border roads and landing strips, all along the LAC.

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Border battle: Chinese Army makes a move on India

Stand-off in Ladakh: Army matching wits with China, on every step

The border in eastern Ladakh has been tense since earlier this month, the tensions precipitated by Chinese objections to Indian construction activity within Indian territory. 

22/05 – India Voices Unusual Criticism of China’s Conduct in South China Sea

F35B guarantees allied naval dominance over China

US tests laser Weapon in the Pacific美太平洋舰队固态激光武器试验成功

19/05 – How U.S. Navy Submarines Are Pushing Back Against China

16/05 – Asean stays on the sidelines as South China Sea tensions mount

  • Vietnam and the Philippines have lodged protests against China’s activities but other Southeast Asian states have been restrained
  • While Washington’s presence is welcome, Asean countries will not publicly admit it and neither will they attempt a collective response, says an analyst

U.S.-China Nuclear Competition Makes Keeping Navies Balanced In the Pacific Much Harder

Distinguishing threatening and protecting nuclear assets from routine maritime campaigns is increasingly difficult.

15/05 – Ignore any new China ADIZ in the South China Sea

US Navy Rushes Its Sub-Hunting Helicopters To India, Eye On China

“This really was one of the higher priorities the [Indian] navy had, to get these aircraft delivered,” Tom Kane, director of Sikorsky’s Naval Helicopter Programs, says. “I requested that the aircraft be made available on an accelerated basis.”

US Navy Rushes Its Sub-Hunting Helicopters To India, Eye On China

World on alert: Satellite images catch China in major military move

CHINA’S military aircraft have been spotted landing on one of its manmade islands in the disputed South China Sea as tensions in the region continue to escalate.

12/05 – Satellites Show Scale Of Suspected Illegal Dredging In South China Sea

Laos to press ahead with ‘destructive’ new dam on Mekong

India worried China is planning to create artificial islands in Maldives

China Uses Pandemic to Boost Military Pressure on Taiwan

A U.S. congressional report warns of aggressive actions by the People’s Liberation Army against Taipei.

10/05 – Mekong nations face growing threat to food security amid claims China’s dams exacerbate effects of drought

  • Drought, erratic water levels along 4,300km river are disrupting rice yields and fish catches, raising costs for farmers
  • Beijing rejects claim Chinese dams behind drought hitting countries downstream

New cybersecurity report says China-based group is hacking Asia-Pacific governments

China uses coronavirus crisis to assert control of vital South China Sea with display of firepower

China flexes its military muscle: Beijing exploits Covid crisis to assert control of strategically vital South China Sea – and the US sends three warships in response

  • China pushes illegal its claims to land and oilfields in a two-million-square-mile area in South China Sea
  • Experts fear the South China Sea is where a war involving China, the United States and Russia could begin
  • China’s defence minister has even said his country would ‘fight at all costs’ if a war occurred with America

B-1B Bomber Brandishes A Belly Full Of Stealth Cruise Missiles While Deployed To Guam

The messaging is abundantly clear: U.S. bombers haven’t tucked-tail and run from the region, and they stand ready to deliver a big, stealthy punch.

Satellite Images Show That Chinese Navy Is Expanding Overseas Base

09/05 – Chinese ships chase Japanese fishing boat near Senkaku Islands

China’s South China Sea plan unfolds regardless of the coronavirus

08/05 – Tensions boil in South China Sea as Petronas drills

Beijing’s South China Sea fishing ban threatens to raise tensions with rival claimants

  • Fishing groups in Vietnam and the Philippines have urged their governments to take firm measures to resist ban, which is intended to preserve fish stocks
  • Observers warn that food shortages caused by Covid-19 outbreak will increase risk of confrontation as countries move to protect domestic supplies

07/05- Vietnam may soon sue China on South China Sea

Hanoi is weighing an international arbitration case against Beijing to settle their hotly contested sea claims

Chinese spies hop from one hacked government network to another in Asia Pacific, researchers say

06/05 – Singapore, ASEAN and non-alignment in the South China Sea: Time to choose

The South China Sea territorial dispute has pitted Southeast Asian nations against China in a heated standoff for decades. Singaporean defence analyst Andy Wong argues that the city-state should lead ASEAN in aligning with the US on the issue, warding off Beijing’s growing influence

India Can Defeat China in a War By Following Beijing’s Korean War Strategy

Hit-and-run tactics in which Indian troops lurk in the Himalaya mountains, and then swooping down to surprise Chinese troops in the valleys below.

Japan-Based Carrier USS Ronald Reagan is Underway as SECDEF Warns of Chinese Military Moves in South China Sea

‘New Cold War’ between USA and China as relations turn frosty

Special Report: U.S. rearms to nullify China’s missile supremacy

How the US is planning to outgun and out-maneuver China’s growing military

03/05 – China plays divide and rule in South China Sea

China exploits Indonesia-Vietnam sea clash to sow division and redraw the contested maritime region’s map

US deploys B-1 bombers, troops to Guam for ‘China deterrence’

30/04 – Don’t suffer alone — India and the world need to act against China’s intimidation tactics

Countries in the region are speaking against China’s aggressiveness. President of Philippines Rodrigo Duterte criticised its actions against Vietnam.

China on ‘high alert’ as ‘troublemaker’ US patrols South China Sea

  • Chinese military takes aim at operations by American warships near the Spratly and Paracel islands
  • US says sweeping maritime claims in the area pose a threat to freedom of the seas

Manila Rejects China’s Designation of Two New Sea Districts

28/04 – U.S. Navy ship asserts international navigation, angering China

The USS Barry challenged restrictions on rights of innocent passage, drawing rebuke from Beijing

US Navy stages back-to-back challenges to Beijing’s South China Sea claims

Two FONOPS in Two Days: U.S. Navy Moves Through South China Sea

27/04 – Japan’s ATLA Developing Hypersonic Anti-Ship Missile

Japan raises stakes with hypersonic missiles

Difficult to stop, it is a weapon that could cause havoc for the Chinese navy in the South China Sea

Japan’s Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency (ATLA) started developing a hypersonic guided missile able to attack both ships or ground targets. The missile, qualified as “game changer” by the Japanese Ministry of Defense’s agency, will use scramjet engine technology for propulsion.

Japan’s ATLA Developing Hypersonic Anti-Ship Missile

China could have choked off the Mekong and aggravated a drought, threatening the lifeline of millions in Asia

Taiwan test fires cruise missile capable of reaching central China

Yun Feng cruise missile vital asset of Taiwan’s asymmetric warfare arsenal

25/04 – Beijing could face Asean’s wrath over ‘naming and claiming’ of South China Sea features, observers say

  • Formal identification of 80 topographical formations unlikely to impress the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, with which China is trying to agree a code of conduct for the disputed waterway
  • Naming of underwater features might also be in breach of international law, regional affairs expert says

US Air Force pulls bombers from Guam

China tightens grip over the South China Sea – should India worry?

Beijing’s aggressive South China Sea push amid pandemic worry India and USA

Philippines files diplomatic protests against Beijing’s moves in South China Sea

24/04 – U.S. warship sails through Taiwan Strait, second time in a month

23/04 – China eyes a Covid-19 edge in the Indian Ocean

China is leveraging coronavirus confusion and distraction to make gains in rival India’s maritime backyard

22/04 – Australia joins US warship in South China Sea as tensions grow

Beijing angered its Southeast Asian neighbours by creating two administrative units on the disputed Paracel and Spratly islands

Marise Payne condemns Beijing’s actions in the South China Sea

21/04 – USS America steams to intercept Chinese ships in disputed waters near Malaysia as China flexes its muscles in the region after US aircraft carrier was crippled by coronavirus

  • USS America has steamed to intercept a Chinese government survey ship and several of its China Coast Guard in a contested stretch of the South China Sea
  • The United States called on China to stop its ‘bullying behavior’ in the South China Sea on Saturday, and its aggressive actions regarding oil developments
  • US officials accused China of taking advantage of the distraction posed by the coronavirus outbreak to increase its maritime presence in the region
  • But in the days since China’s survey ship Haiyang Dizhi 8 has persisted with a number of patrols close to Malaysian oil platforms in the SCS
  • USS America is currently the most significant operational naval asset the US Navy has in the region, with the USS Theodore Roosevelt sidelined in Guam

20/04 – Beijing marks out claims in South China Sea by naming geographical features

  • China says it is asserting its sovereignty in the disputed waters in the face of Vietnam’s ‘aggression’
  • Latest move follows establishment of new administrative structures for Paracel and Spratly islands

The Cauldron Boils Over: Vietnam vs. China

19/04 – Vietnam denounces China’s district formations on Vietnamese islands

18/04 – US says China should stop ‘bullying behavior’ in South China Sea

17/04 – China’s island fortifications are a challenge to international norms

16/04 – Chinese ship seen moving south near Malaysia amid rising South China Sea tensions

Pentagon Getting a Push to Shift Resources to Asia

A legislative bill would require the military to dedicate $6 billion a year to counter China, work with allies

14/04 – India issues warning after China antagonises New Delhi with warships in Indian Ocean

CONFLICT between China and India has the potential to become reality after Beijing deployed “seven to eight People’s Liberation Army Navy warships in the Indian Ocean Region” according to a senior Indian Navy commander.

US engages in show of force in Guam, after China’s own show of strength near Taiwan

13/04 – Beijing may be using the coronavirus pandemic to advance its interests in the disputed South China Sea

Chinese dams held back Mekong waters during drought, study finds

Chinese ship, Vietnamese fishing boat collide in South China Sea

  • Vietnam said the Chinese vessel hit the boat near the Paracel Islands before capturing its eight crew members and two boats which came to its rescue
  • But Beijing said the Vietnamese vessel had ‘suddenly turned sharply’ and hit the Chinese ship, which tried to avoid it, before sinking

10/04 – U.S., Chinese military aircraft fly near Taiwan’s airspace

07/04 – US accuses Beijing of using coronavirus as cover for South China Sea activity

  • Following the sinking of a Vietnamese fishing boat, Washington calls on Beijing to ‘stop exploiting’ the pandemic to pursue its claims in the region
  • State department spokesman says US is ‘seriously concerned’ by reports of the incident

02/04 – The Marine Corps’ 1st New Littoral Regiment Will Be Headquartered in Japan

31/03 – Japan says destroyer and Chinese boat collided; China says one hurt

China Chases Indonesia’s Fishing Fleets, Staking Claim to Sea’s Riches

24/03 – US Navy fires missile during South China Sea military drill

Tensions remain high in South China Sea despite ongoing pandemic

India on alert as ‘China deploys dozen underwater drones in IOR’

With world busy fighting coronavirus, China quietly builds installations on Philippine-claimed reefs

23/03 – How China Is Militarizing the South China Sea With a Ton of Missiles

Can the Navy do anything about it?

China launches new facilities in West PH Sea just as world’s eyes fixed on COVID-19

20/03 – 10 Chinese speedboats attack Taiwan coast guard cutters

Chinese speedboats hurl rocks, bottles, Taiwan CGA cutters respond with shock bombs, bean bag rounds

17/03 – Taiwan again scrambles jets to warn off Chinese air force

28/02 – Chinese warplanes fly near southwestern Taiwan: MND

25/02 – China to buy 1.4 million body armor units for war with Taiwan, US

China announces purchase of body armor for 1.4 million soldiers for war with ‘Taiwan secessionists,’ US

13/02 – How China militarizing isSouth China Sea with a ton of missiles

22/02 – Malaysia, China and Vietnam in ‘dangerous, ongoing game of chicken’ in South China Sea

  • The Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative has detailed a fresh stand-off over energy exploration in the disputed South China Sea
  • A vessel contracted by Malaysian state energy firm Petronas is at the centre of the dispute, which involves navy vessels and coastguard boats

12/02 – Japan and the U.S. should co-develop an anti-ship cruise missile system

08/02 – Scary reality: China’s secret Cambodian military base

It’s supposed to be an international airport. It’s supposed to be part of a holiday resort on a pristine piece of coastline. But it’s not.

21/01 – Officials: U.S.-Japan Iron Fist Amphib Exercise ‘Extremely Important’ as China’s Navy Expands

15/01 – South China Sea warning: Japan demands stronger action against Beijing in disputed waters

JAPAN has urged the international community to take stronger action against China’s growing military presence in the disputed South China Sea.

South China Sea dispute: Chinese incursion puts Philippines on the spot

09/01 – AFP: Dozens of Chinese vessels spotted near Pag-asa Island

02/01 – China’s ‘dangerous’ South China Sea plan almost complete

15/12-2019 – The Chinese Navy Is Building An Incredible Number Of Warships

11/12/2019 – South China Sea crisis: Beijing’s monstrous ‘island fortresses’ sparking US fury exposed

SOUTH CHINA SEA claims from countries in southeast Asia have sparked political tension and ongoing disagreements over how the territory should be divided, and this has also led to a rampant militarisation of the region by China in the form of monstrous bases.

22/11 – U.S. warships sail in disputed South China Sea, angering China – arships-sail-in-disputed-south-china-sea-angering-china-idUSKBN1XV2NS

08/05/2018 – New Indo-Pacific axis

India-France-Australia are well placed to share data to form a common operating picture of the Indian Ocean.

05/02 – EXCLUSIVE: New photos show China is nearly done with its militarization of South China Sea